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Skinny Fudgy Brownies (Quick & Easy)

You are probably thinking that “skinny” and “fudgy” aren’t two adjectives that can go side by side when describing brownies, or at least brownies that taste good! Well, they can when describing these brownies. No “weird” ingredients required! While I have had good brownies that were made with pumpkin and black beans, I know people …

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Strawberry Swirled Ginger-Peach Frozen Yogurt

Happy August! Now that National Ice Cream month is over, I thought I would post another frozen yogurt recipe. Yeah, I know, I’m on top of things! However, I was informed that August is National Peach Month, so let’s pretend that I was actually planning ahead and wanted to celebrate right away with a peach …

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Bananas and Cream Stuffed French Toast

Remember the Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Bread from Friday?? Well, it makes a mean french toast, especially when you slather some cream cheese filling on both sides and stick some banana slices in the middle! We made a couple of stuffed french toast sandwiches with some thick slices of homemade bread and some with plain whole wheat bread. …

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